Roil BAA Voting Update

Voting for the Roil Byo Arts Awards #RoilBAA Starts at 9:00am on the 1st of May 2018
There are 5 ways to vote for your favourite artist/act

1. Whatsapp or Text to +263(0)777 934443

2. First Like and then INBOX our Facebook Page:

3. First Follow and the INBOX our Twitter Page:

All INBOX votes on Whatsapp\ Text\Facebook & Twitter to follow this format :- eg.
Genre/Category: Film/TV Category-Best TV Production DLALA NGAMLA :Kasi Stories
Artist/Act: Rasquesity Keaitse

4. Via our Website on this Link:
5 Download the New #RoilBAA Android App from the Google Store and then Vote.

Use the new Android App to check Calendar, See The Nominees, Vote, Event Updates, Contacts to Tickets